Project management

The success of RG Solution projects stems from meticulous planning and highly efficient production organization.

The core of our process: innovation

The way we operate and build is the result of a constant attention to detail and dedication to a job well done.

The core innov

Thoughtfully planned productivity

  • Each project is broken down into 60 to 70 steps
  • The supply chain is planned; excess material is removed as we go, it is restocked to avoid waste
  • We use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, and all our data is archived
  • The building components are identified and coded (Just-in-Time coordination) to maximize productivity
  • Components are pre-machined and some are even pre-assembled, for optimal time management and productivity

A proactive approach

We are always looking for ways to improve our productivity and to optimize our process for anything production-related; planning, building, assembling and transporting. To do so, we collaborate with experts, including industrial engineering consultants.


Ongoing communication

To secure your project’s success, the fundamental element is open and honest communication. We provide impeccable follow-through with every one of our teams, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients. This way of doing business is at the core of our success.


Come witness RG Solution’s unique approach.