Building modular

Choosing a modular solution is making a profitable decision based on 3 key interconnected factors:
Speed, quality, cost efficiency

The best of modular

Made in a factory-sized workshop, a modular building is composed of one or many units that are constructed in a controlled environment and transported to the final site to be assembled. Once the construction is complete, it is impossible to see any difference compared to a conventional building.


Modular for speed

A modular build can save a significant amount of time, anywhere from 30 to 50%, compare to conventional building methods.

  • While the modules are being built off-site, in our facilities, the building site itself can be simultaneously prepared.
  • Our work units make way for a streamlined manufacturing method, ensuring adequate changeover time and quality results.
  • Each construction step is meticulously planned to provide a smooth and uninterrupted process.

Modular for constant quality

  • Our ongoing verification processes and testing protocols enable us to ensure quality based on specific standards corresponding to the nature of each project.
  • We adhere to Canada’s strictest certifications for buildings prefabricated in factories. Our facilities are certified under the CSA A-277 norm for commercial and industrial prefabricated buildings, and we are audited by Intertek on a regular basis.
  • Construction takes place in a controlled environment:
    • Premium material is stored in our warehouse and shielded from the elements, which maximizes product integrity and longevity
    • Zero impact from weather translates to major savings when temperatures drop (heating, snow removal, decline in productivity, etc.)
    • Reduced health and safety risks
    • Decreased CNESST insurance fees for our clients, since insurance rates for work done in a factory are much lower than rates for work done on site.
    • Stability of the workforce
    • Lessened unknowns, losses and delays
    • Diminished environmental footprint
  • Modular structures are built to resist harsh transportation and crane operation. They are typically more robust compared to conventionally built structures.
  • Off-site construction is also an advantage for the preservation of the site itself:
    • Less circulation, from vehicles and workers
    • Less damage to the soil and vegetation
    • Less noise and inconveniences in the neighbourhood
    • Less risk of accidents for the general population

Modular for maximized profitability

All the above-mentioned factors add up, making a modular solution from RG Solution a cost-effective one.

Modular Maximi

Modular for maximized profitability

Profitability is also maximized through the acceleration of income and your investment’s amortization.

Modular Maximi

Modular for maximized profitability

According to the Modular Building Institute (MBI), a modular build can save a significant amount of time, anywhere from 30 to 50%, compared to conventional building methods.

Modular Maximi

RG Solution’s modular solutionsoffer numerous advantages

Our expertise enables you to successfully complete any modular project

  • Regardless of your line of business
  • Temporary or permanent
  • In urban or remote locations
  • Residential, commercial, institutional or other
  • Multi-storey
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