Temporary or permanent structures achieved using a fundamentally modular approach and know-how

01 / Approach

Modular approach

A unique unit-independent fabrication process + Tailored services and support

Modular appr

Modular know-how

Devoted and forward-thinking teams + Synergy with experts from each field

know how
02 / Solution

Personalized solutionsfor your multi-faceted projects

Our experts come up with solutions adapted to your needs, helping you overcome challenges in the pursuit of your goals:

  • Quality above all
  • On-time delivery
  • Address human resource, logistic, transportation, weather and specialist-related challenges
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03 / Advantages

Client advantages on all fronts

04 / Our values

What defines us

We are passionate and proud of our achievements. Our collaborative attitude, our integrity and our ability to innovate allow us to challenge the status quo and deliver products that meet the highest expectations. Our motivation is to be the best in what we do.

OUR VALUES : Innovators

At the core of everything we do, innovation is what allows us to distinguish ourselves in the industry and to offer cutting-edge products that meet the needs of our clients and end-users.

OUR VALUES : Reliable

To us, this vital value ensures the success of our company. In a highly demanding market, we have always respected our commitments by manufacturing and delivering products according to our customers’ and partners’ budgets and deadlines.

OUR VALUES : Responsible

Clients and suppliers know they can count on us, always. We also take great care in reducing our environmental footprint by applying sustainable development principles.

OUR VALUES : Partners

We participate in the success of our clients’ projects through our collaborative attitude with all stakeholders. This is what makes us partners of choice.


We want to embody the future of the industry.


Prefabricate buildings and products that meet the needs of customers and enhance the well-being of users.

05 / Awards and distinctions

Temporary classroom:

1st place among all North American manufacturers

An award that represents our entire team’s hard work

RG Solution is thrilled to have been awarded 1st prize for a modular project in North America in the 2017 “Temporary modular classroom project” category.

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