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Toilets and Sanitary Units

With our autonomous sanitary trailers built for the bitter climates of Northern America, we offer a unique product. You’ll be able to use them during all seasons.

Manufactured with sustainable materials, our autonomous sanitary units are equipped with a unique storage system for fresh and waste waters, and our toilets, urinals and sinks operate with minimum water consumption. They are well lit, heated and equipped with an exclusive air extraction system that ventilates and eliminates odours. This system takes into consideration high traffic periods. This unit also allows users to wash their hands with fresh, warm water. By using these units, you improve your employee workplace and you adopt green principles while increasing your installation storage autonomy.

Fuzio Compact Fuzio OptimumFuzio Summum

All of our conventional and autonomous sanitary units are manufactured inside our factory, therefore in a temperature-controlled and secure environment. The building materials we use are top quality grade and protected from the elements. The construction process inside our factory saves time and money and eliminates delays caused by bad weather.

This type of construction is quick to install and offers a lot of versatility. These units are also very easy to move from one place to another, meeting your demands wherever and whatever they are.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your needs, and our professional team will find the solution tailored for you.





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