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Constructions Standards

RG Solution builds according to National Standards that can vary depending on the Canadian province or territory, including Nunavut., where our prefabricated buildings are sent.

Climates can vary greatly, especially north of the 49th parallel. To respond to this adequately, the company continues its research into what has been done in Canada and other countries in terms of building in a northern climate.

CODES AND STANDARDS in reference to our building standards:

For certification of the manufacturing process of the factory:

For the construction of units in accordance with the requirements of the provincial authorities:For modular buildings:

  • National Plumbing Code of Canada – 2010,
  • National Energy Code for Buildings – 1997,
  • Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code (B149.1-00),
  • Alberta Building Code – 2006,
  • BC Building Code – 2006,
  • "Good Building Practices Guideline" issued by the Government of Nunavut,
  • National Fire Code of Canada – 2010,
  • Ontario Building Code – 2006,
  • Québec Construction Code and National Building Code – 2005,
  • National Fire Code of Canada – 2005,
  • National Building Code of Canada – 2010,
  • Manitoba Building Code – 1998.





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