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Customized modular classrooms

Modular classrooms are a fast, economical and flexible solution to meet the growing needs of overcrowding in schools nationwide.

Modular buildings are ideal to accommodate new students, or add new facilities for specialized training when a school expands rapidly.

By opting for modular solution, the educational system finds a permanent or a temporary solution to their overcrowding problems. At RG Solution, all our modules are delivered quickly from our factory. Also, if your needs change, our buildings can be easily relocated.

Types of temporary or permanent modules
  • Classrooms
  • Media Centers
  • Daycare facilities
  • Science Labs
  • Teacher lounges
  • Libraries / book stores
  • Lecture hall
  • And much more…

As the demands and the characteristics differ from one project to another, we can complete a project according to your specifications. Our professional team can provide personalized support by working directly with the customer to develop a plan that meets his or her expectations.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your needs, and our professional team will find the solution for you.







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