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Institutional Buildings

When comes to institutional buildings, it is imperative to consider and respect the different parts of national codes in reference to this type of building.
Trust RG Solution for your construction of institutional buildings. Whether for schools, elderly centres, penitentiaries or any other public construction, our know-how in terms of modular construction allows us to assist you in the different stages of completion.

  • Schools
  • Elderly centres
  • Penitentiaries

All our units are manufactured inside our factory, therefore in a temperature-controlled and secure environment. Our internal manufacturing process promotes this type of complex custom project. Our modern facilities offer our staff the flexibility and time required to complete the finishing work to meet your expectations. The construction process inside our factory saves time and money and eliminates delays caused by bad weather. In order to provide the energy efficiency you are looking for, we offer different insulation options in addition to various heating systems.

As the demands and the characteristics differ from one project to another, we can complete a project according to your specifications. Our professional team can provide personalized support by offering to work directly with the customer to develop a plan that meets his or her expectations.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your needs, and our professional team will find the tailored solution for you.


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